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Anybody experience wtih one page apps

So I think you have your data set up correctly as well as your workflow. You just need to display it by saying: Parent group’s Picture, Parent group’s Titel_foto, etc. Does that make sense? It shouldn’t be referencing any inputs.

yes that is the problem, somehow i can not display the info of current selected item

Try adding ‘Parent Group’s Picture’ for the image’s dynamic data. Does that work?

i tried this allready:

But it still does not display the current image

It looks like it’s working to me:

I clicked on the car, it shows the car in the details. Is this what you are expecting?

Oh nice, yes this is what i mean, but now the post_detail group is a photo type, can this bring any problem? Because now i am also going to display stuff like textst and numbers.

It shouldn’t be an issue. I think you will be fine. :blush: ‘Photo’ is what you called your data type, it’s not only an image.

so the only thing i had to do was sending the data? Or did you also changed somehting?

I didn’t change anything :blush:

  1. You just have to send the data, and

  2. make sure the group can accept the data type.

  3. Then display the parent groups data.

And that’s all. :blush:

Allright thank you!

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Welcome! :blush:

So like rendering Components in React?

Does this make it a true SPA (like a React SPA)?

I’m not sure what a React SPA is. Sorry. :disappointed:

Basically, creating a one page app in Bubble is literally a webpage that doesn’t need to redirect to another page (url) at all. It says in the same URL page and just changes what is seen on the page. Just a bunch of elements hidden on the page. It shows and hides the elements depending on what you set the state to be.

Does that help? :blush:

Yes…a bit.

Does this mean that you create these layers that are triggered on a page? Meaning that it looks like a new page but it’s not reloading (like a multi-page app)?

And…if so, are these views (or components) independent? Meaning I can change the content and the user can add different information into the database with each different view?

I hope this makes sense…thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Yes, you can create these ‘layers’ on one page. Yes, it will look like a new page but not actually reloading.

Yes, these elements are completely independent if you want them to be.

No problem. Yes, all of that is possible.

You just use ‘groups’ in Bubble and make them look however you would like. I suggest stacking them down the screen and not overlapping them. The page will be very long, but that’s ok. As long as you ‘collapse the elements height when hidden’ then it won’t look like a long page to the user. This will help with responsiveness later on.

Hope that helps. :blush:

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