Anyone built an API plugin for Microsoft Graph yet?

This is a work in progress.

  1. Create a new page on your bubble app and add a button. We’ll add workflow to the button later.

1.1. Click the Preview button to view the page.

1.2. Copy the URL. It will look something like this

2.0 Register your app at Sign in to your Microsoft account

2.1 Under Application Secrets click “Generate New Password” and save this for later use in a text file

2.2 Under Platforms click Add Platform and add a Web platform

2.3 Make sure the Allow Implicit Flow is checked and add the bubble page URL we copied in step 1.3

2.4 Under Microsoft Graph Permissions, add the permissions you will need for your app. Go here for more details Microsoft Graph Dev Center | APIs and app development

2.5 Click the Save button

3.0 Create new API Connector in Bubble. Make sure you specify all of the scopes that you created earlier in the Scope field. The App Secret will be the password you created in step 2.1

4.0 Go back to the Bubble page we create and open the Workflow page. Create a workflow that when the button is clicked it will Signup/Login with a Social Media Account, then select the API you created

5.0 Go to the preview page and click the login button. It should redirect you to the Microsoft Login page and if you’re successful you should get a page asking if it’s ok to connect your Microsoft account with your Bubble app.

6.0 Now you can start building your API calls.