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Anyone called a GraphQL API with bubble?

Has anyone successfully implemented or interacted with a GraphQL API using bubble?

Is it possible out the box or not? I’m fine with REST but the API needed is GraphQL only (seems to be the way it’s heading)

Yes, the challenge is mostly building the query body.
But it’s just a normal HTTP request after all.


Can you please expand on this? I’m totally lost on how to get started.

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You don’t happen to have an example?

Ah, I did it in a private custom plugin, but it is likely you can do it in the API Connector.
The query body you can build using any JSON building technique, you can search the forums for building JSON requests’ bodies. :blush:
Plus you can have as many different requests you want.

I don’t suppose you can make that plugin available by any chance? :slight_smile:

Nope, and anyway it is very specific to the endpoint it interacts with.

ok thanks

Hey guys,

we did a tutorial on that to help people in the future with that problem.



Thanks Sarah,

I’m not sure I understand this. This is connecting bubble to another database or just to an API that constructs queries…? Which are then used how?

I’ve mapped out my challenge here:, does this translate to/help with this issue?



this tutorial describes how to connect to an API not via Rest but using GraphQL.
This on other side can be anything you want to connect to. I haven’t used Xano (yet) so can’t say anything about it.

Many greetings.