Anyone can edit.... but can they Deploy?

I’m wondering about collaboration when on Personal level.

The easiest would be to switch the app to “Anyone can Edit”, and give the collaborator your Editor link, but does that give the “Anyone” absolutely the same power as you as the Owner of the app? Including the ability to Deploy the app to Live or revert to Previous save points?

I would hope not, but wanted to check.

Hi there, @major_groove… I have collaborated on multiple apps that were set to Anyone can edit, and while there are things in the Settings area that people with the link cannot do, they can deploy the app to live and revert to save points. So, that’s how that goes.

Hope this helps.


Edit: in case it would be helpful, here are the things that people with the link can’t do in the Settings area. Those folks can’t do anything on the following tabs: App plan, Domain / email, Collaboration, Sub apps, and Versions. On the General tab, they can’t modify the application rights, password protection, the password policy, or the two-factor authentication options. Finally, the Languages, SEO / metatags, and API tabs are wide open to them.