Anyone else being Rate Limited? Error 1015

I keep getting an Error 1015 ‘You are being rate limited’

Anyone else getting the same thing? It is when I am uploading a lot of data or deleting a lot of data. The weird thing is that we are a on a dedicated server, not the main cluster. This shouldn’t impact us at all.

My apologies for getting into your post. But I believe you are a pro here right? May I beg your help with a really small thing in bubble mate? I even tried with chat gpt but i’m stuck in a probably really easy thing .Thanks in advance!

I recommend starting your own topic describing the issue so many can help, and tagging @J805 so they see it too.

Edit: looks like thats what you did :joy: :+1:

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Yeah, they did. :blush: It’s here if anyone has time to assist: Unable to sum 3 text elements into a 4th ones (sent from the previous page)


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