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Anyone else get this?

Think I’m getting Carpal tunnel from how much I use my right hand to click in Bubble.

Been working 10 hours a day for the past 3 months. Starting to catch up with me.

Just isn’t the same as coding where i use both hands equally and there is less clicking involved.

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Do you use a wrist rest pad? I had a worsening condition that got better with these (not exactly the same model, but the same kind of equipment) in the image below:

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Ive never used one of those. I’ll look into it. I’m only 36 so I’m hoping I have at least 40 more years of typing on a computer in my future.


I developed this recently due to bubbling and had to get a hand support. I now only put it on when my hand begins to swell or my knuckles start to hurt!

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I knew I couldn’t have been the only one. It gets so repetitive!

Maybe you just need the right motivation to keep Bubbling :laughing:

@lisaalger Maybe try a ergonomic mouse? Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse (if it is wrist related)

looks like iron :slight_smile:

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Hey that started happening to me, then I googled some ergonomic desk set ups and that helped my neck and wrist pain all in one. Would recommend doing this exercise

I am aware that what im going to say is absolutely scandalous, but hear me out.

I use a laptop with a few extra monitors.

I have a mouse and keyboard, however Bubble has actually made me return to using the trackpad. I keep my fingers on the laptop’s keyboard at all times, but my right thumb operates the trackpad. I bumped the trackpad’s sensitivity to maximum, so that the limited range of motion of my thumb can still move the mouse around easily.

It took some getting used to but it is a real gamechanger. I hated reaching out for my mouse every two seconds.

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Wrist support product of the year! lol

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I was starting getting serious injuries as well from how much I have to use the mouse on Bubble (Bubble team PLEASE add keyboard shortcuts :pray::pray::pray:). I started

  • Using the same Logitech Vertical ergonomic mouse
  • Getting and using the Logitech trackball mouse (you only use your thumb on a trackball without moving your arm and it is super precise)
  • Learning to use my left hand with a regular mouse (hard but you get used to it)

Only by switching between the three I am able to somewhat mitigate the progression of these injuries, but clicking in Bubble is so intense I still have to be careful. Maybe I’m working too much, but it is absurd for a software this complex to use to not have any form of keyboard interaction implemented.