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Anyone else getting duplicate emails sent?


Anyone else getting duplicate emails sent to people? It wasn’t happening before but now it does it with any emails i send with bubble.

Yes, when I send an e-mail using the Send E-Mail feature, it’s sending duplicate e-mails (two). I’ve been trying to debug this thinking it may have been something on my end, but I just setup a very simple button that only sends an e-mail, and it’s still doing it. So, given that’s as simple as I can create the logic, I’m assuming this may be a bug in Bubble, too.

@emmanuel Can you confirm?

Can you share an extremely simple page where it happens?

I just confirmed that duplicate emails are being sent. You can test it at to see what happens. This is the simplest of simple emails to be sent. The email goes to the email that you input along with the note. 2 emails get sent.

I confirmed the same thing “ezmaass”. Must be a bug.

This should be fixed.

Thank you so much for fixing that quickly. I really needed it to work. Now I can do what I need to do on my site. Phew!

we are having the same problem with our landing page (bubblewits app), should we shoot you a bug report?
we get duplicate emails when someone sends us an inquiry through the landing.

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@emmanuel - Not seeing duplicate e-mails any longer, but I have noticed now that sometimes an e-mail isn’t sent at all. Same page, same logic - just a simple E-Mail User action sometimes results in getting an e-mail, other times nothing. I have two e-mail actions in a row (sending different types of e-mails), so I’m not sure if that would be impacting anything… would hope not.

Can you file another report for this? It’s much easier for us to process it that way.

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