Anyone else getting glitches with their Shift Enter plug-in?

I’m building my own chatbot so I used the Shift Enter plug-in by Leonardo Barrocas in order for users to be able to send messages by pressing Enter on the keyboard. Up until today it’s been working amazingly.

However, I hopped on just before and for some reason whenever I send my message by pressing Enter, it either removes the thread title (so it becomes a thin grey line) or it makes a random thread title that’s completely irrelevant.

My Design, Workflow, Data and API call all look perfectly fine. The problem only occurs when I send my message by pressing Enter, it’s fine when I click the ‘Send’ button.

This only started happening today.

Anyone else?

Willing to give you a copy of my Discord-like input plugin to see if that might be what you need. If not, I can likely tune it to work to your advantage. Here is a demo of what it does.

Think maybe it’s time to rename it to something people actually would search for haha.

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Hey man, thanks for this. Lemme double check the Shift Enter plug-in isn’t working and if it isn’t I’ll give yours ago :slight_smile:


Hey again, it turns out I had made a small error in my Workflow. It wasn’t the Shift Enter plug-ins fault, it was mine, whoops.

Your plug-in still seems great though. Maybe have ‘Enter’ in the name.

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Course! Glad you could figure it out.

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