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Anyone get the new Bubble Connector to store key:values as multiple rows?

Figured out how to POST data to blockspring and return store the response as multiple rows in my Bubble database.

I built a custom block to do math which returned a multiple value response. The issue is that the response was coming back a one big string (see “Fruity”).

Beautifying the response: My goal was to store Fruity: Field 1 and Field 2 in my bubble database as multiple rows.


The Blockspring functions for returning a response ( eg. response$addOutput(), response$end()) were not returning a response in a format the Bubble Connector could natively recongize.

So, my solution was to rewrite the Blockspring input and output functions.

Here’s a link to a block that can return multiple key:values back to the Bubble Connector

I’ve created a demo in the Forum App for others to see the setup:


Is this what you were after ?

So you can run a workflow on the list, and store each one.

Hi Nigel,

Yes, that’s was the goal.

The bigger issue is that Blockspring didn’t format the mulitple key:values response in a way that the Bubble connector could understand. I rewrote and shared the Block with code to resolve the issue. I’ve linked to the open Block in the text above if you ever run into the same issue.


That’s great !

Yes, have had to do the same with responses from my node APIs.

Thanks Nigel.

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