Anyone have design advice on this?

Does any one have any design advice on how I can better separate these sub-menu’s? I haven’t seen anything I quite like yet and not happy with what I have. Looking for something clever…

Anyone else designing in dark mode?


I would say that upfront, I love your design. Some things I might look to do personally (completely subjective):

  • Investigate a text colour change for selected items - apply this to the parent item and the selected child.
  • Remove the dark div background on the child, so that only the parent has a highlight.

Dribbble is one of your best friends for stuff like this - here’s a link to some beautiful submenu designs: Submenu designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic elements on Dribbble

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Thanks. Dribbble is always an open tab on my machine. I found one like this, think it looks ok with some more adjusting.

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Hey @lantzgould

You could always nest the submenu items within the darker charcoal colour that surrounds the ‘Admin’ button. This will communicate the relation between those items and the parent, especially if they expand down when the ‘Admin’ button is active.

Something like this:


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I think this is what I was having trouble envisioning. I like it. Thanks! @tmxl


Cool. Glad I could help!

Nice design aesthetic you’ve got going here by the way. Nice work.

Which icon library are you using?

Thank you!

The icons are Iconic. Both figuratively and literally lol.

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