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Anyone heard of Corvid by Six?

I just stumbled upon this in the morning. It looks like it gives you ability to work with databases and it has the regular Wix features. Also wix already has some common us app tools like membership, online store etc as part of its offering.

Any thoughts or experience appreciated

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Never heard of it, actually seems pretty cool though

After doing some research on this I think the gist is that Corvid is a good option for people who already know Javascript, but it’s not entirely drag and drop for people who don’t know any coding at all. The better you are at Javascript the better the tool will be for you. I did front end development and wrote my own Javascript plugins, and to me it looks like a robust solution. You can put scripts in the front and back end of the app, run scheduled functions, add functions to events. It also gives you error and console log in a site activity panel which is fantastic for doing your own debugging and it allows release candidates to be pushed to only a percentage of users (you decide what percent). Overall a fantastic solution but it’s not no-code. If you don’t know Javascript you can still add databases and forms and tie them together but that would be the extent of your interaction.

I would go into more detail but resources already exist if you want to learn more. Check this blog post for instance:

I hope this was useful for others considering this option.

It’s an HTML builder on steroids.