Anyone help me please

Hi ,I find this site easy but hard. I can build what I want only after a few days of playing around.
The thing I need the most though is abit of a hard thing to get information on.
I beg the community to tell me this very simple thing.
How do I set a button to count how many times it is pressed in a set amount of time.
Then say after 20 pushes in a hour .
It then has a follow on action .
Like deleting an account or hiding a page or to a new link etc.
This functionality is already on loads of web pages and apps.
But finding anything to do with building this into a website online or on youtube or in bubbles documentarian .
Is non-existence I am finding to me anyways, or am I missing something obvious here.
Is this a industry secret and bubble is not setup to handle a button with counter attached to it that then does set actions of the buttons data collected. from the button pushes ?
I need to know this,as this very topic is holding me back and is putting my whole project to bed before it begins.
I have a button recording how many times its pushed in the database already as separate events.
This Data of this is no use to me or offers any links to do stuff with it from what I can see.

What I need is , After A Button is pushed on the same page so many times.
It will have a follow on action after the 10th time it is pushed for example in a hour.
Can Anyone Please Help Me ?
Or Is this a more complex actual coding thing ?
I see one way of doing this right now myself.
Copy the page 10 times.
Then link pages 1 to 2 then 2 to 3 and so on till it gets to page 10.
Then perform the actions and requirements needed on the 10th push of the button on page 10.
This seems a bit mental to me and I am sure there a bit of code/logic that should do it for me.
Still leaves the times pushed in a hour conundrum.
I do not get why there is no automation built into this suite .
Coming from a music production background and using DAWS it seems odd not having such simple controls to hand in a digital workstation like this.
Anyone’s input with be greatly appreciated.