Anyone in Utah Bubbling?

Is anyone using this in Utah? Would love to start a meetup!

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I’m in Utah – would be interested in this.

Looking to start this meet up! I have 4 others interested locally so far, @jimber.goin are you still bubbling?

@dnljsn I’m in the Utah Valley area. Count me in. Sounds fun.

Wow, talk about a resurrected thread! I’m downtown SLC and down for a meetup. I suspect someone will need to take the lead though. (not it!)

Also in Utah, out in Duchesne County though.

If regular meet-ups become a thing, I may be able to attend every once in a while when timing is right. Getting timing right when I live 2 hours away from the valley is the difficult part, haha.

Wow! Let’s do this! I just created a Meetup event and booked a room at the Kiln in Lehi for anyone that would like to join - Tuesday, April 18th @ 7-9pm
Sign up here: Lets build an app in, Tue, Apr 18, 2023, 7:00 PM | Meetup

Sounds fun! I’ll try and be there.

Looks like we’re getting some traction with attendance :raised_hands:

I know I’m late to the game :joy: but I’m in Utah and would be down anytime!