Anyone know Croppie well? Simple question

I can’t figure out how to finish the sequence in the image below so that I can use the output as dynamic data. In one event I use “load a croppie” then in the second event “When croppie A is loaded” → “Rotate croppie”. I see the result has rotated however I’m having zero luck saving the result or even referencing it using the dynamic expression “Croppie A’s result image”.
Please help!

Hmm :thinking: Good question

Have you tried using this event? :man_shrugging:

That’s the closest I’ve been to getting something usable, thank you for that. It looks like it’s trying to save something in the file manager but no image attached. Any ideas?

Hey @patrickryanwatkins :wave:

I thought I would just set up an example for you so you can see what you need to do to get it to work.

Editor: CroppieTest | Bubble Editor


Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thank you so much for this, it looks very helpful!!

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