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Anyone know how to have an object show ONLY when the user has scrolled to the end of a page?

I have an RG that is populated with varying lengths of content, and I want a button that takes people to a new destination once they scroll to the bottom. Currently, the button randomly shows when a person is scrolling but before the RG has loaded content since it is set to the ext. vertical scroll, so I wondered if there’s a way to know the end of the page’s scroll position or maybe if the RG is showing all of the values.


Thank you for your post! It’s possible to access the scrolling position dynamically as “Current page scrolling position.” One option might be to make an element conditionally visible when the current page’s scrolling position is a certain value close to the bottom of the page. Let us know if that could work for your use case or if you have any more questions!

@jess , thanks for the response! The problem I have is identifying what the end of page position is instead of using a static value. I wasn’t sure if that position value would change based on what gets loaded in the Ext. vertical scroll RG since page height adjusts dynamically.

I used this plugin to see whether the last item of an RG is visible.

Repeating Group Visibility Detector Plugin | Bubble (paid plugin. I can’t find a free equivalent)

You can use the state from this plugin to make your element visible.


You can add some js script to archive your requirement. If still you don’t found then please let me know. I will do it from my test app and share to you

Manikandan Arumugam

A free plugin called elements in view will do what you need.

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