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Anyone know of a good basic 2016 design course?

Do any designers using Bubble have any suggestions for online design courses?

Thanks in advance.

What part of design do you want to study?

General best practices in web and mobile UI/UX. I think it’s safe to say I’m no professional in this sector; if would like to give a quick breakdown I’d be happy to hear it.

I’ve heard great things about - they pair you up with mentors who work in UI/UX for major brands.


I would suggest just visiting sites/apps similar to what you have in mind and using their design structures as starting points. Then you can modify based off your own experimentation.

The other part I would suggest is finding a design program you like - I use ArtBoard on mac and just playing around with it on things that interest you. From drawing a logo to doodling anything you like so you become comfortable with what you think is good design.

Last look at designs - I’m always looking at the smallest component usually icons that go into the interface. The noun project is a great resource ( it’s like a visual dictionary for concepts that bring back icon ideas.


Start here (no need to sign up but I like the updates)

Some more resources:

Introduction to typography:

Good list of resources:

Some inspiration:

Bringing it all together:

I subscribe to a material school of thought:

That should be plenty to get started with!