Anyone know what happened to Code-Free Startup?

I decided to use a Code-Free Startup tutorial to learn how to use Bubble and built out a crazy idea for an app at the same time. I signed up (and paid for) access to the “UBER clone” course and have spent a week going through it and building my project. I really like where it’s going. The problem is that the lessons abruptly stop. Multiple emails to have gone unanswered. Now I have a half-formed app and I am still too newby to finish it on my own. This is rather frustrating, to say the least.

Has anyone heard from Brent lately?

Sorry for the delay! You happen to have caught me at a time when I’m recording course additions and have to be less responsive. DM me your email address and I’ll walk you building your Uber clone. It’s a tough situation - I spent months building a course teaching the PhoneGap method and then it stopped working on one update that broke the Adobe/Bubble connection. I’ve recorded some more material using different methods and will be happy to walk you through them.


Thanks Brent! Great to hear from you and I’m looking forward to previewing the material.

I am facing the same issue so how is the remaining coursework to finish the underlie app as narrated in the title of the course