Anyone needs help forming a LLC? getting EIN, bank account and stripe?

Hi community, for non USA residents and non USA citizens its sometimes hard to get credit card process that are easy to integrate like stripe. Also if you want to launch a product sometimes its better to have a USA company as customers like it more to do business with US companies. Also there may be several tax benefits and sometimes even tax exemtions for single members LLC ETBUS (not engaged in trade and business in the US).

If you are interested I can help you on getting your LLC formed, get your EIN number, get bank account, stripe, cards, etc. Completely free to the bubble community.

Im building up a consultancy business around this topics and Im looking for customer recommendations :-). Getting your LLC up and running with bank account and everything would cost you only around $139 (state fees and registered agent).

Lets talk :wink:

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Interested. Initial costs are $139? Any recurring costs?

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Hi, depending on the state the initial cost can even be lower. Some states like California are fee free until July 2023, but yearly cost in annual fees it’s 800. In the case of Wyoming for example the initial cost would be $139 and and yearly cost would be around $160 which includes the state fee (60) and the registered agent (100, this is your local us address and the place where all state and federal communications arrive and are forwarded to you). Send me a WhatsApp and I can help you with any additional questions and the actual process and details. Good news it’s that LLC can be registered in a couple of days, what tales more time (up to 4 weeks) it’s getting your EIN to open a bank account. My WhatsApp +50672015677