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Anyone use And connect it to Bubble?

I’m hunting for a suitable alternative to professional mobile development while the Bubble team has this on the sideline.

I came across and wondered if anyone has experience with it. I know @NigelG has written about it in the past.

Basically, I want a way to develop a proper mobile app with native app features using Bubble as the back end and database.

Is any good?

While they say it’s quite easy to use… I know this is typically an understatement of the owners of the company who work on it day in day out. How large is the learning curve?

And has anyone used it to connect to Bubble?

Thanks guys.

I’ve not used Appery, but I’ve tinkered with Dropsource and Kinetise. They’re both robust solutions, but need fiddling to make work with Bubble. Dropsource gives you the native Java and Swift code so it’s definitely possible to link to the Bubble app you have, but would need some dev experience.

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I haven’t used it since 2015, so my experience may well be different now, particularly as am a little more comfortable with Javascript these days.

It is a very good tool, but you quickly run out of “drag and drop” and are into playing with code. Which is fine if you are a developer, but I found it happened too quickly. And even when support gave me a hand, I still was not sure what the code did.

However, if you kept with the bounds of the standard offerings, I would imaging linking to Bubble would be pretty easy, certainaly their API connection functions existed well before Bubble.


You can check out

You can try out the free open source version to get a feel for how to save standalone apps and get them onto phones.

The coolest thing about Livecode in this context is that you write one application and you can save executables for every operating system, including mobile, off of the same code base.

I’ve got a Livecode desktop application that’s tied into my Bubble app via API right now.


I used Appery fairly extensively for a while, up until early last year. Bubble is far more low-code friendly than Appery, and I agree with @NigelG, you far too quickly come to a point where you need JS. The support team is very helpful, but after a while understandably became reluctant to help with javascript queries, highlighting that they were there to help with platform issues, not with JS code. I got stuck pretty quickly after that :slight_smile:

That said, Appery excels at linking API results data to visual elements on the page. Thinking about how one might Appery with Bubble (which I haven’t tried by the way), I assume it would need to be UI in Appery, data and app logic in Bubble. So one would make a lot of calls from Appery to exposed API workflows in Bubble and the workflows would manipulate and save data in the Bubble database, right? It could work. One concern would be any client-side logic, which would have to be done in Appery I guess. Just thinking out loud.

But for the purposes of connecting to Bubble to serve as the entire back end, do you really get into a ton of JS coding with Appery? @NigelG

Do they have a similar api connector (GUI based) that will allow the app to get or push info to Bubble?

I assumed you can easily drag and drop all visual elements like bubble and then connect to bubble by some sort of api connector or something.

What about thunkable? I haven’t looked into it much but it’s been on my todo list

You are right, you wouldn’t need it to connect to Bubble. But as soon as your requirements get a little beyond the ordinary … you hit the “Oh, you need some Javascript” buffer. So does depend on your app. If it is really that simple, then I think there will be other “App Creators” to would work just as well.

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