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Anyone uses Nativator for making Native Apps? Need some advice! :)

Hello again!

Is there anyone who has used for making a Native app and publishing it on the Apple/Play Store?

I have some technical doubts about how my app should be built so it works properly.

A client bought a template and besides some modifications I’m doing, he wants it converted into a Native App (Don’t understand why, but whatever:upside_down_face:)

The thing is the template uses a lot of the change to page action for showing different screens which are on top of each other.


It sends some information to the index and then the screen has a condition that says:


And when I clicked the option in Bubble, that this is a Native App, it showed me plenty of errors related to change to page actions. Does anyone know if I’m using Nativator, I won’t be able to convert it properly??

Thanks a lot for your time!! :slight_smile:

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