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Anyone using and Bubble as Backend? is gaining traction for nocoders looking to build a truly native app. Things like offline functionalty, notifications, and a single codebase to deploy to both android and apple app stores are key features I’m looking for.

BUT, bubble is still superior for web apps. I have a web app that works along side a mobile app (currently a PWA). Thinking of taking my bubble mobile PWA and making it truly native with FlutterFlow - and keeping the webapp and backend with bubble.

Has anyone done this yet? What should I expect?

How is your progress on this? I’m also considering this.

I had done this a while back - not with a native app but a physical machine (RPi Touch screen with a Bubble backend).

Things you’ll need:

  • Bubble’s data API
  • managing sessions / logins with session tokens etc
  • You’ll have to make sure the privacy rules are 100% right
  • Expose additional API endpoints as needed

Should work well.

I would have suggested Xano instead, but looks like you want to reuse what you’ve already got on Bubble

All the best :slight_smile:

I have been developing a pilot for this use case. Mainly we have clients with bubble apps that want a native app and flutterflow seems like a good alternative. We have managed to make it work very well using the data api mainly. Let me know if you need any specific tips!

no specific tips. I gave up on FlutterFlow for now. It seems they they had a lot of work to do. They’ve been releasing features fast…so maybe I’ll check it again.

bubble is still superior, but lacks native.

How’s the speed?

Not slow, but definitely could be better. You do have to structure the database to optimize speed , if you have a table (Thing) with too many fields that you are not going to use it will slow things down, this is good practice not related to using flutterflow.

But honestly it’s not terrible speed as I thought it would be. Definitely functional.