Anyone using Groq API for AI projects? Feedback?

Hey there,
Recently, I’ve seen very good feedback regarding Groq API speed (latency) in Twitter. Is anyone using it for web apps that employ generative AI?
I’m currently working with gpt4 and turbo but this level of speed could be a leverage.
Any feedback is more than welcome!

It does :slight_smile:


Yes, I use Groq in one of my templates. It’s lightning fast.


Thanks for sharing, I’ll try to add groq to my app as well.
In terms of quality would you recommend it? (it’s clear that in terms of speed this is cutting edge).

In terms of quality it depends on the model you choose. But I think they are all quite as good as ChatGPT.

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Yes! I am loving Groq its next level, with near instantaneous response time.

I am also much preferring the output of Mixtral (currently 1 of 3 open sources models it ships with) the responses I find more humanised, less over the top word salads and don’t quite stink of AI as much as OpenAI models. IMO anyway.

And the Groq streaming plugin from @redvivi is top quality, highly recommended!


Thanks for ellaborating!
Regarding Mixtral, do you use it through a plugin like Groq or through API Connector?

Currently Groq utilizes 3 AI models, Llama 2, Gemma & Mixtral.

Upon testing I personally found Mixtral to be the superior choice. With @redvivi Groq plugin you able to select which model to use, which is the method I am using as its easy to setup and of course has streaming capabilities.

Or through API connector you could chose the with model via JSON

Hope that helps


Sounds good! I’m curious, how do you handle the chat UI interface?
I’m building an ai-webapp with a similar UX/UI experience to “claude” or “gpt”, but I’m running with some issues when it comes to showcase code blocks, tables or images within the chat. Any advice there?
Thanks in advance!

Its because of Markdown. Bubble does not support markdown only BBcode. However the Groq plugin from Wiseable now features Markdown mode out of the box. So you will now see code blocks / tables etc…