Anyshare Customize options?

I have a pop up for a daily video on my site (linked to You Tube videos).

I have the AnyShare options on the pop up. When I go to share it shares the URL of the page…but not the details in the pop (Video).

So I am trying to figure out a work around where they share the Daily Video and THAT page is shared.

Does anyone know if it is possible that when they click from the pop up to share the video it actually shares another page inside my site? I will have that daily video be on another page inside the site that gets shared.

At this point the videos are for USERS only (Created an account). So I am also wondering if that page is for Logged in Users would someone on Facebook actually be able to view it without being a member.

Sorry…just typing “out loud” trying to figure out how to make this work.

The purpose of having them share a video is to drive others to my site and possibly create an account.