API access Error -> Function 'buildObjectProperties' finished with error! Cannot read property 'private' of null

I’m using the Bubble API with Integromat.
It worked normally until about 3 hours ago, but suddenly an error occurred about 1 hour ago.
The error message is
“Function’buildObjectProperties’ finished with error! Cannot read property’private’ of null”

I haven’t changed the Bubble settings, but the Datta Type I was writing to can no longer be selected in Integromat.

Help me!

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Same issue here. I got an error from 17.6. 11:15 CET and I am not able to repair it.
Snímek obrazovky 2021-06-18 v 10.28.46
I tried reconnect the connection, but it didnt help.

I am having the same issue here, talking with support about it

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Same here

In my case it seemed to be how integromat was handling a null value inside a dynamic value from a previous API step (gmail). Placing the dynamic value inside the integromat isEmpty() function did not resolve the issue either. Doesn’t seem like proper behavior.

I don’t know if it’s a Bubble problem or an Integromat problem, but I think it’s likely that Integromat is possible because Zapier was able to get the DataType.
I recently reported this to the Integromat support team.
We have been informed that the technical team will proceed with verification and response.

I will share it with you.

In my case, it seems an error occurs if there is a null in the value to be written in the Create / Update node.
However, this was also working fine up to 2 days ago.
Since we want the value to be Null in the first place, it is essential to send Null.

Also, there seems to be multiple problems because there is an event that the Data Type of the Data API set in Bubble in the Create / Update node cannot be selected.

Interesting. Yeah the behavior shouldn’t be to error out on a null value,regardless . Sounds like integromat support needs to get involved. In my case I can work around it, but I’d imagine other scenarios where that wouldn’t be acceptable.

I just signed up for integromat and am liking the implications of offloading some of the more complex and automation workflow logic away from the bubble backend due to the simplicity and flexibility of the integromat platform, however issues like this do give me some pause and remind me of the quirks and issues of layering on 3rd party integration services.

I’ll probably stick to simple-but-works backend workflows for the moment. :slight_smile:

If it helps ease your nerves about using integromat. I HEAVILY depend on it for some actual complicated connections and its amazing.

Thankfully in this instance, using generic HTTP POST requests to bubble solved our issues by just sidestepping integromats implementation. And only took an hour to fix 3 scenarios. So not too bad

If things bug out on integromats side. You can always fall back and opt to use generic HTTP requests and rebuild the module’s yourself. Although the reason why we use bubble and integromat is to not have to code these things, but nonetheless integromat makes it easy to do generic requests too.

For how much data transformation they offer, its a life saver

Integromat got back to me. They said that the bubble module has been fixed!

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This worked for me: ifempty and emptystring. See below.

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It didnt work for me - still same problem. Failed to load data and same as @yukikungcp .

The Integromat support center has contacted me and it seems that the Create / Update node has been fixed!
Also, for the Null value, I wanted you to use “if empty” and “empty string” as ydd said.

Still having problems, It hasn’t been solved. Can anyone else confirm if its working for you?

Edit: Using what @ydd suggested works. thanks for your help!

Create/Update node doesn’t seem to be fixed on my side.
I decided to add an HTTP PATCH request to update my records, especially for the Number and Date-type fields where @ydd fix doesn’t work.

The Integromat team has contacted me to re-modify and deploy the module!
I have confirmed that the error does not occur in the null value writing process without using the ifempty function.

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