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I am having trouble passing an Array to the Duedil API. Think its probably just a format issue - the error is invalid object for Values (under regions).

Any ideas? Thanks

Here is what the swagger API docs say for the Duedil API

List of regions

object Required
An array of objects detailing the desired regionId and the types of addresses to include

string Required
Region ID (Can be obtained using the ‘regions search’ endpoint)

“registered” “trading” “branch”
Company address usage types

“any” “all”
Boolean logic mode. Defaults to any. NOTE: We plan on adding more modes soon. Some of the existing modes might not be implemented for all filters


  • “criteria”:{
    • “name”: “string”,

    • “countryCodes”:{},

    • “simplifiedStatuses”:{},

    • “regions”:{

      • “values”:[

        • null],
      • “mode”: “any”,

      • “except”:{

        • “values”:[],

        • “mode”: “any”}},

Here is what I have in Bubble

“criteria”: {
“name”: “< name >”,
“regions”: {
“values”: ["< regionId >", “< addressTypes >”],
“mode”: “any”

Just noticed this editors removes anything in <>. so i added spaces

Hey @jof

It looks like you are using curly quotes (smart quotes) in your Bubble json. I just did a quick test of an unrelated working api call and swapped out standard double quotes with one of your curly quotes and the call failed. I’d start by replacing all double quotes with the standard double quote keystroke and see if that helps.

Thanks, I think that was a cut & paste formating issue. I figured it out in the end it should look like this

“criteria”: {
“regions”: {
“values”: [
“regionId”: “< regionId >”