Api Backend Hello, dear colleagues. Please help me figure

Hello, dear colleagues. Please help me figure out how the internal api workflow works.
I have configured the server api. The user subscribes to new advertisements on the site. Then another user goes to the site and posts an ad in a certain city. Next, users who previously subscribed to the site receive a massive email notification about a new ad in this particular city.
And everything works great. These users receive emails in the body of the email: A new publication in such and such a city and a link to the page of this advertisement.
When a user clicks on a link in a letter, I want the value in the database to change the number of views of this particular ad. There are no problems and everything is set up when they click on the post on the site and everything is taken into account. But how can I make it so that when clicked from a letter, the value in the database changes + 1 view???

You’ll want to use a URL parameter. They look like this:

You’ll only need one variable. Let’s call it “Tracking”.

On bubble on the page you want to keep track of the views you can do a “On page load, get value from URL, tracking. If the value is “yes” +1 to the database value in bubble”

Usually on page load the page will look like this
But you can add the parameter to the email link so it only tracks views from this URL:

You’ll want to think about if a user clicks the link 2 times do you want it to only work once, or twice.

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Thank you. I just did the current page + 1 when loading the page and now it’s just perfect, even if someone shares the link outside the site +1 is added from the body of the email as well. Stuck on this for about 10 hours

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