API Backend Workflow - Detect Requested Data for complex objects


I am trying to inject this JSON into a Backend API workflow.
Method is a POST request, of course sent from the remote server to the Backend API workflow exposed as public:

  "field": "messages",
  "value": {
    "sender": {
      "id": "12334"
    "recipient": {
      "id": "23245"
    "timestamp": "1527459824",
    "message": {
      "mid": "test_message_id",
      "text": "test_message"

I tried to initialise the parameter definition by using “Detect Requested Data”

Unfortunately it does not work for such JSON, the request is received but is not processed, and the swagger signature refers to a custom object. I therefore suspect the “Detected requested data” only works for primitive datatype, e.g. not nested objects.

Now the big question - how do you make this work?

Do you have the full json?

Oops, corrected :slight_smile:

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The payload doesn’t seem to be the problem
Sent using insomnia:

Everything is parsed correctly.

I’m not sure what you are seeing on your side, but do you know the headers sent? (try to include header in detected data to see)

I understand what you mean now. The problem is not receiving the payload but generating the swagger with detect request data. I think the problem is not the payload but more how Bubble work to generate the swagger. Maybe you can send a support request.