API Call cannot handle colons

I am using OpenAI to return Chat GPT responses in JSON format, and then using a backend workflow to parse the response from string to JSON so I can use it. It works well with most ChatGPT responses, but falls over when Chat GPT includes a colon.

Here is the offending JSON.
“results”: [
“summary”: “Emily is a nature enthusiast …”,
“research”: "During our research we found the following:

  • item one
  • item two… "

It’s a bit of a process, but this is where I call use an API call to parse the GPT response

Complete with find and replace to clean up some of the text before it gets started …

Any ideas?

As an update, it looks like I was using regex to find and replace \n … instead of just escaping it and replacing \n with \n … this seems to have fixed it