API call doesn't accept rich text

I’m struggling with it for a while… My WhatsApp API provider claims that
tag breaks a line on messages (Postman really do the trick) but when I use it on parameter to an API call it sends the message literally, with the tag written on the text.
Can I bypass this? I will trigger this API on a back-end workflow where I can enable the “long” option on the API call configuration and edit it as rich text, how can I know that it will pass the text as it should be through there?

Get the text, :find and replace (use Regex expression).

Find something that works from here: javascript - Regex to strip BBCode - Stack Overflow

Replace any regex with an empty string (so don’t fill out the replace box)

Do you have link to API doc?

They don’t have API docs yet, they’re a platform from my city.

Which content-type the API is expecting?

The platform is expecting a json

So you should us:formatted as json-safe function. And use body json section instead of parameters

Tried that once, turned a 400 error instead.

You set the key dynamic. What you need to set is the value dynamic, and without doubles quotes
For number, you can keep doubles quotes because you don’t need to format as json safe.
Remove private checkbox to be able to use theses field in requests
Add Content-type header with value application/json

Did that, got the same error.

Can you share a new screenshot

It looks like the line break characters (\n) are being incorrectly parsed, which is something that happened to us as well during the development of our plugin.

If it’s an option for you, can you test our WhatsApp plugin which comes with a function to send a WhatsApp message without having to make an explicit HTTP request? [1]

If you see the same issue, I can help you fix it immediately.

[1] 2Chat: WhatsApp API & free widget Plugin | Bubble