API call from bubble putting colon after value in key:value pair

When I run the same api call from postman and bubble, it runs successfully in postman but fails in bubble. When I use requestbin to analyze the api requests, I see bubble is putting the : at the end of the value.
bubble values:

postman values:

Here is how I have each API setup:


Any ideas why bubble is doing that to the key:value pairs?

You have missing = almost everywhere

Remove _*_ You don’t need them in JSON type

Also, the first one shouldn’t contain &

Thanks @Jici but it’s still showing the colon being placed after the value.

Can you share what you have actually?

Hey @Jici I think i figured it out. I was missing the =, thank you for that. I also removed the <>

I also changed the body type from json to raw, then it started recognizing the content type as x-www-form-urlencoded like I specified in the header.

It seems to work now!