API call not returning values


I am sure I am doing something very silly, but I have spent days trying to find it and I cannot.

Essentially, I am pulling data from two separate tables via an API.
One is working fine. One is not. The second one is just not returning any data.

Below is a screenshot of both calls.

Figure 1: API connection

Figure 2: Drug name call (THIS ONE IS WORKING)

Figure 3: Drug Interaction call (THIS ONE IS RETURNING NOTHING)

I have the calls set up via a backend workflow. They appear to be exactly the same to me.

Drug name workflow:
Figure 4: Backend API workflow - Drug name

Figure 5: Backend workflow step - Drug name

Interaction workflow:
Figure 6: Backend API workflow - Interaction

Figure 7: Backend workflow step - Interaction

I have the table data set up the same.
Figure 8: The Drug name database type

Figure 9: The Liverpool Interaction database type:

I have reinitialized the call, and the Interaction call is pulling the data.

I am using a button to start the backend workflow.
Figure 10: Button to start backend workflow

The steps involved in this are:
Figure 11: Step 1

Figure 12: Step 2:

Figure 13: Step 3:

Figure 14: Step 4:

After the button has been clicked, the backend workflow takes some time and occasionally even times out. But, either way, the Drug Name database populates some data but the Interaction database does not populate anything.

Any assistance at all would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Let’s test it. Set it up as a data call first instead of an action and then display the data in a repeating group to see if there’s data returning to us

Hi Doug,

Thanks so much for the reply.

I’ve changed the call to a data call.
And yes, it does extract data. See below:



Any help would be massively appreciated.