API call only when group is visible

Hey there,

ususally when a group or repeating group is not visible on page load the data inside is not preloaded. Especially when making a repeating group visible on click you can see that it loads about one second.

Now I got the question why API calls are done even when the group or repeating group is hidden?

I have a group and a repeating group on one page, each is doing one call. Even though they are not visible because I have not clicked on the button to make them visible, the calls are made? (I can see it on the number of calls which are done). Is there any possibility to just make the calls when the groups are visible? Also it would not be a solution to make the button an action button to make the call when the button is clicked.

Thank you in advance!

Change the displaying of the data sourcing to a flow

hey @cmarchan , its possible with your solution but the problem is when hiding after and then make it visible again I will have another call. So I would have calls everytime the group is visible.

I would need a solution to make the call just at the first time when the group is visible and not everytime.