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API call will not get the updated data

I have setup a call to TimeKit and it’s working fine. However, when the data at TimeKit is changed and I run the API call again, it does not update the data in my Bubble app. When I reload tha page updates the data. Why is this?

Best, Peter

I think because although an attractive feature, Bubble’s event listeners aren’t bulletproof. I think the data is updating yes, but only in the backend. Can you confirm that your data tab is showing the correct data after the call? If yes, you may be able to force a reload without reloading the page with a “display data” action or similar, to force refresh.

Thanks for coming back @duke.severn. I implemented a button with a Display data just to see if I could force this. No luck!

Are you just pulling data client side or storing it?


Then it’s beyond my skill I think - especially since you’re saying it works on refresh. I am not getting your setup. I’ll let someone else pipe in here :slight_smile: