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API callback datas

Hi all,

I have set an API to get electronic signature, and I use an IFRAME to allow the user to sign.

This feature is able to send (via a callback url that I have to give them) datas to follow the process of signature : init, waiting, signed, etc …

The problem is I don’t know how I can get these datas and save them in the database ?

Any tips ? I guess I need to need an API workflow but I can’t find how to do so …

Thank you in advance,


That’s correct.
In your API settings in the API connector you should set it as an Action with the appropriate data that it can return.

Then you can access it in the workflow under Plugins. When you do that you’ll be able to assign it’s return data to your database by saying Create New or Make Changes and selecting the return value from your API - it will look like return from step 2 or 3 or 4 of the workflow…

Give it a try…

Thanks john3 !

The fact is that it is not bubble who will call this URL, but the other application (yousign). And when this URL is called, I need to get the call and save the datas sent.

Here is the explication of the application :

urlcallback : URL called by Yousign to follow the process of each signature. We will send in GET these parameters :

status : status of the signature : ‘init’ when the IFRAME is opened, ‘waiting’ when the signer needs to enter the code to validate the signature, ‘signed’ when the signer signed the document(s), ‘signed_complete’ when all signers signed the document(s) (after getting this status, you could call the WS getCosignedFilesFromDemand to get the files signed), ‘error’ if an error has been detected during the signature, ‘cancel’ when the signer clicked on “Cancel button” if urlcancel is used.

token : token used in the IFRAME

Do you see what I mean ? I can’t use the API Connector so (I suppose), cause it’s Yousign who need to call my app …
Is that clear for you ?


You will need to go under Settings > API and check This app exposes the post workflow. This allows other applications to post data to your database.

  • Click then on Manage Pages and Reusable Elements (This is were you get you list of app pages). You will find API Workflows :- Its the last option.
  • Click to add an endpoint
  • Add the name and expose as public endpoint, Add parameter in the names of JSON response you get from YouSign
  • Click on add action and just create a new thing, by mapping the database fields to the parameter you have declared above.

Beer is on you if it works!

All right, understood the way to do it !

But, it doesn’t work. I think it comes from the fact that they send in GET these parameters, whereas we are waiting for a POST call, right ?

Can anyone help me ? :disappointed_relieved: