API calls and passing user entered data to api

OK this is the first time ive used bubble or any nocode web development platform. I am trying to setup my api call which i am able to get data from the call and save it to a database and use that info to span other API calls.

I get he call initialized below but the account-id i had to hard code via parameter to get the call to work and return data.

That hardcoded value will need to be set as what the user inputs into a text field and hits the button. I assume in the workflow i need to take the input save it to a data type but im unsure how to have it run the api call with this saved data.

I figure ill ask my next question ill have with this also. How can i save the api call data and then reference certain sections of it for this account id value i have set?

Actually, you have set your API call to type “data”. This mean that the call is now available in “Get data from API” that is available in data source for example or when you set a field or parameters. The “account-id” field will be available for you to use data from your text input (because you have removed the private checkbox)

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Ah i see what you mean. Each api has a data or action and lets you from different areas of bubble.

Sorry completely new user to bubble never used anything like it.

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