API Calls in Hidden Groups

Hi Everyone,

I’ve noticed that when a group has its datatype set as an API call, the API gets invoked even when the group is hidden. This leads to unnecessary API calls, causing two issues:

  1. Workload Units: The increased API calls from hidden groups inflate the workload unit count, resulting in higher charges for our Bubble usage.
  2. External API Costs: Unnecessary API calls increase the usage of external APIs, leading to additional costs.

Does anyone have workarounds or suggestions. Additionally, I’d imagine it would be best if this behavior was turned off by default to save WUs and keep costs down.


Try setting the group’s data to be blank by default, and add a conditional that checks whether the element is visible and the page is fully loaded, and set the group’s data from the API here.

I do this a lot to minimize DB calls etc on page load and it seems to work decently.

Thanks! I will give that a try. I was thinking something along those lines is probably the way to go.

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