API calls with array parameters

The API for enrolling users on Moodle has an API parameter i.e “enrolments” that is an array.
How do I initiallize the API when one of the parameters is an array.

When this is how I’ve set up the API connector.
When I initiallize the Call. I get the following.

Kindly assist with this.

I can’t see your entire JSON, but I think it is wrong. You should have “quotes” in parameters name as well as in its values.

Like this:

“Parameter1”: “Rafael”,
“Parameter2”: “Brazil”

Can you post the entire JSON and the link to the API documentation!?

Okay let me try updating.

The link to the API docs https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Creating_a_web_service_client
This is the json according to the moodle documentation.