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API connecting to Line Chart

Hello Dear,

I have the following API settings

It provides monitoring data about Kaufland key word.
This is the website. Which provides API option.


Ideally the goal is to obtain the chart: Sentiment over Time.

What I have is:

Whatevever option from this list I choose it remains red.

  1. Is there any options to make this chart more extended: January- till December, not only till July?

  2. I understand that this chart is has only 1 series and I need 2, preferably 3. But I would like to try 3 separate line charts that will show negative, neutral, positive sentimet of the posts during a timeline. Is this possible?

  3. I have installed amchartSerialB (it has 2 series) but it seems that it cannot be connected.

Please help me to connect it to display the data obtained from API call

Please, anyone knows how to proceed?

May be there is a problem with the received data? Are they suitable for Line Chart?

The API you are using now will return the posts from the searches you have saved. Probably to be able to use that as input for charts you need to do some analytics (count how many posts/mentions which are of positive/negative per period etc.)

Did you try to use the analytics API? It seems that is the one you need (i dont have an account so do not know for sure).

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I have tried

According to:

But I have not tried to use this type of API request:

P.s: social-searcher offers 14 days free trial. It is easy to register there. They do not request additional information. The basic plan is not quite generous :grinning: I am using it now and it allows me to sent only 5 may be 6 API calls. What cannot be said about free trial -you can make much more API requests.

The analytics API is part of the monitoring. So the analytics API will probably provide the “Advanced Analytics for Periods: posts distribution by week day and by hour, sentiment, posts types, links, users, keywords and hashtags.”

The API is fairly straight forward, can you try? In case of problems, let me know, I’ll have a look. Thanks for the tip about the trail.

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I have tried to set it up in the following way:

And according to:
the data not found. But when I push reinitialize API call on antother previously create API request:

it works perfect. Thus, the search id is still ok.

What it could be?

Can you click on “raw data” to see wether there is any data and if there is, check the dates?


Ah ok, well there is the reason. This search contains no posts/mentions etc. Do you have other saved searches you can use?

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The weird thing is that when I start monitoring on social-searcher account it shows me many relevant posts: Social Buzz – Free Social Mentions Search and Monitoring

But are those results in a saved search or is that the realtime search you are using? Top right it seems you can activate the monitoring:


Update (had a look at the site):

Probably there are two ways to save a search:

  1. Saving just parameters you chose/set using the green button “search settings”. This is saving a search without data.
  2. Saving a search with (historical) data using that monitoring switch.
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As, I understand that if I activated the monitoring recently, it will provide me only the data from for example December 14… and I have to wait this untill it will gather enough statistics. At least 1 month probably.

Thank you very much for clarification!!!

At this stage I will try to change/or add another keyword ( may be more popular that has more mentions over time) and monitor how the data are collected into a statistics.

Perfect, you’re welcome, good luck!

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