API connector adds port “4072” for some reason

I’m trying to create a pretty simple call:

But when I’m initializing it, bubble is giving the following output:

I don’t get why it insers this “4072” and replaces https with http. I have other calls (including POST ones) already configured, and they work just fine.

Are you sure that’s the correct URL?

That URL https://www.smartcat.com/api/account/change gives a 404 error and it’s not mentioned in their API docs.

According to their API docs they have different URLs depending on which server region you use, and their API URL structure is /api/integration/v1/ e.g. https://us.smartcat.ai/api/integration/v1/account

The URL you’re currently using doesn’t seem to exist.

Where are the other calls (the ones you have working) sending requests to? The same API? What URLs?

Yes, that’s the internal API, so it’s not documented. I have the calls working from other clients as well. I found a workaround for this specific call, but the same happened for another one (https://smartcat.com/api/Projects/Filter). So I’m puzzled. The same very request works fine from another client.

Ok, found the issue. It had nothing to do with the port number, I just had to set content type (application/json) manually. No idea why other methods work without it and this one doesn’t but ¯_(ツ)_/¯