Api Connector Bearer acces token dynamic value

I have a little problem that I can’t solve.
I want to connect to my store platform and retrieve data via API.
I am creating a new API connector.
API name: Shop
Auth: Http Basic Auth
I fill in Username and password.
Name: ShopAuth use ad data data type JSON
POST: https//www.shopname.com/webapi/rest/auth
Body type: Json
Initialize call - I receive the correct data that looks like this:
“access_token”: “dd033b6beae049c7b9dsad650240bddsadasw0”,
“expires_in”: 2592000,
“token_type”: “bearer”

Now Add another call: Name: GetCatTree use as data, data type: Json.
GET: https://www.shopname.com/webapi/rest/categories-tree
-KEY: Authorization
-Value - and here comes the problem.
When I manually enter: Bearer dd033b6beae049c7b9dsad650240bddsadasw0, everything works.

What should I enter so that the value after Bearer is completed dynamically?

Under the ‘cat tree call’ for value try:

Bearer [ShopAuth’s access_token]