API Connector changes comma to "%2C"


I’m using an API that allows you to send a comma-delimited list of answers to include in the response.

Basically something like this:
key = example_list
value = example1,example3,example7

I think when I enter “example1,example3” into the API Connector, it sends “example1%2Cexample3” to that external API.

How do I enter a comma ( , ) into the API Connector so it acutally sends a comma to that API?

Thanks in advance!

From what I understand, when you’re sending text via url parameters certain characters like commas and spaces have special characters. This is probably because in the url there can’t be any commas or spaces. For example, if you tried to add a space, it will show up as %20.

Okay, but is there a different Code that can be used that will be recognised by the receiving end as a comma?

Not that I’m aware of unfortunately.