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API Connector encodes characters

I am using API connector to do a GET API call

One of the paramaters i have is a weblink to a file.
The problem is that API connector is replacing special characters.
For example
I am sending a URL in the “url” parameter in the call

I am sending
But on the server i am receiving:

I don’t have the fliexibility to add any extra logic on server to handle this.

How can i stop this encoding from API connector side ?

Can you share your settings in API connector

How do i do that ?

I’ve shared a screenshot of what I see in the API connector when setting this up. Is there anything else also ?

I missed it sorry. Url parameters are encoded. I don’t think there’s a way to change that. With a POST, you can use body JSON and set url parameters and they will not be encoded.
You cannot change the script on the server to decode it?
What are you trying to do?

Unfortunately, that is not an option.
I am simply consuming an existing API and can’t change anything with the external API.

And there is no POST option either. It is just a GET api.

What. Are. You. Trying. To. Do? That’s the question. Answer it.

You can’t. This is just how the web standards work. Reserved characters must be encoded.
The server needs to decode it. If the service you use don’t handle it correctly it’s a bug and you should report it to them.

Hey dorilma,

Thanks for explaining that this is how the web standards work and therefore not a Bubble issue.
That context was very helpful.

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