API Connector for SendGrid says Unauthorised

Hi all, I’m using Canvas template by AirDev which uses a few email templates via SendGrid.

However, I’ve just noticed in my API connector for sendgrid/send email, its asking me to ‘initialise call’ before going ahead.

When I click initialise I get a message: “there was an issue setting up your call. raw response for the api status code 401 unauthorized”

I also tried adding an admin user via Canvas/AirDevs Owner Portal which is meant to send an email but that isn’t working. In the server logs a similar error message is coming up.

Ive verified sender in Sendgrid settings, plus the API settings section in Bubble says the API is connected.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I’m awaiting to hear back from AirDev via email about this. And Ive sent a message to Bubble support.