API connector - how to set up the call


I am new to programming, no-code is a great way for me to go!
I struggle however recently: I am trying to set up an API connector call to interact with a smart contract on Ethereum testnet. I have URL: https://ropsten.infura.io/v3/6...c/ and I want to call fuctions like ownerOf(tokenId) in OpenZeppelin preset ERC 721 - OpenZeppelin Docs

Can you help me out how to connect via API connector? What do I need to fill in the parameters so that I can make the call?


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Checkout coachingnocodeapps.com They have a great course on APIs. Just be advised please that it is a paid resource.

Alternatively, I bet that searching this forum could prove worth your while :grinning:

Thank you @cmarchan , appreciate your replies! Will check the website.

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Bubble Webinar 2 - The API Connector - YouTube is free and where I learnt how to use the API connector

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