API connector, issues with authorization for Sendgrid

Hi there
I am having issues with this setup. I get a 403…
The API key is a full access key.

Thanks for any hint!

From memory, try putting value of the recipient id into “”.

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I tried but it doesn’t change. I assume considering the error message it fails even before connecting. Something is wrong with the authorization.
Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 10.18.14

I entered the parameters according to Sendgrids documentation, but there must be something I am missing.

Hello! Did you manage to find a solution?

I’m facing the same issue even though i granted full access to the API key!

Oh I just chatted with SG’s support. Apparently that endpoint is already deprecated.

The new endpoints are here:

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Yes. You need to use the new one… It took me a while to find that out…

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