API connector loses body after redirect code 308


I have a Bubble app that uses API connector to make GET and POST requests to another server where I manipulate data (when I need some manipulation that I cannot do in Bubble). I’ve notice that when the server redirects bubble request with a 308 code, the request loses all the body (and my personalized Content-Type header). It conserves the other headers.

(For context, the 308 redirect is because I use a Flask app that automatically redirects page urls to the canonical form when missing the last ‘/’. Example: the canonical url is “https://myDomain/thing/”, if I enter “https://myDomain/thing”, I’ll be redirected with a 308 to “https://myDomain/thing/”. When it happens with Bubble it loses the body)

I believe that this is not intended, but I’m not an expert in this subject.

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