API connector not working with YELP

Hi there,

I am trying to get data from YELP through the API connector but it does not seem to work properly. I’ve been trying to use ZOMATO’S API as well but same problem.

Any way you guys could help please? All i want to do is to pull some restaurant’s info from their database.

Thanks heaps in advance.


Could you provide some more details about what doesn’t work ? It is hard to help without it.

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Absolutely - basically the api calls are great and I can connect to ZOMATO and get all the info needed, the problem is when I want to display the info in my repeating group and use the search bar to look for restaurants in a city (e.g. Auckland) the API just replies with the same restaurants all the time and not from the enquired city.

You know what I mean?

Thank you for your quick response Nigel

Not really, no :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So having a very quick look, you will need to pass some sort of city id into the API ?

Assume you are doing that ? Have to check the box to make the city “client safe” and then put the search term into that parameter ?

Hi man, I have done that but still no luck, you reckon you could have a look at the app, see what I am doing wrong and point me in the right direction?

I am happy to use wither ZOMATO"S or YELP API but unfortunately still no luck and is driving me crazy! :sob: everything seems to work but it just does not display what I am looking for - I am sure im doing something wrong somewhere but not sure what?

How would you implement YELP’s API to look for restaurants and display their name, address and photo?

Thanks for your help man, appreciate it!

Yes, so you will either need to make the app public, or add me as a collaborator. Either way, send me a PM.


Hi Nigel,

I figured out the problem after burning my brain - it was an issue with the API url - the companies updated them but did not update the documentation.

Thanks so much for your prompt help though!


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Hey …

I am trying to build an app similar to yelp. However, I am not able to search yelp api in the plugins on Bubble. I am using free “personalized” version. Can you please suggest?

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