API Connector - Passing an Object

I am trying to integrate with Zoho CRM - when user is created in Bubble I want to create a contact in CRM. I got authentication taken care of, but I am not able to figure out on how to pass an object in key pair value set. Zoho Requires all data to be sent in a data object like so:
“Last_Name”: “Bubble”
I can’t figure out on how to pass an object in the input screen. However, if I put in RAW JSON i get a response:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Remove data parameters and use this in

	"data": [<data>]

inside the data parameters, you can use { "Last_Name": "Bubble" }

Ahh! Much simple than I thought! thanks so much

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Hi can you please show me the final setup

Here you are @arumizan

I Raide, can you explain how you have success with the zoho authentication, how you structure the api? Thanks a lot