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API Connector - POST an array - limit?


I want to send an Email with SendGrid using the API Connector so I can use a specific template with a call to action button. Most of the time, there are several recipients :

"to": [
    {"email": "[email protected]", "name": "Recipient1's Name"},
    {"email": "[email protected]", "name": "Recipient2's Name"}

Any idea how to do it ?

If I’m right, it’s not possible, unless I save for each user :
User’s To-parameter = {“email”: “User’s email”, “name”: “Recipient’s Name”}
and then use List of User’s To-parameter in the API call ?

So you want to save an array with objects in there? We don’t support sending nested objects yet to the POST API.

Yes, it will be the only way to handle it.

Looks like the “name” attribute is optional:

Were you able to fake it by sending an array of strings that look like objects? Or a string that looks like an array of objects?

Yes name is optional. The To field is one exemple. Others fields need to be specified as an array.
No, I’ve not done it yet.