API Connector showing as Type of Content but not listed in Data Source

I’ve created two API Calls and initiated them both. The first one shows as a Type of Content and as a Data Source. My second API Call shows as a Type of Content, but does not show as available in the Data Source entry. I’ve confirmed that it’s initialized. Any one else experiencing this?

Did you set one of them to “Use as Action” instead of “Data”? Or maybe its not initialised yet?

Nope, I looked into that. Both are setup the same way but only one shows as a data source. I added a picture of the setup of the call that isn’t working.

I also tried both manual initialization and the automatic.

If you have two nearly API calls, and one mysteriously doesn’t work, its possible that it has been corrupted, i.e. broken in a way that isn’t visible. This can happen especially if you delete headers.

I’d suggest …

1 . Make a copy of your app, without data.
2. On the copy of the app, delete the API call and recreate it.

If the recreated API call works, then …
3. Throw away the app copy.
4. Make another app copy.
5. Raise a bug on the app copy.
6. Delete and recreate the API call on your app.

If the recreated API call still fails, then …
3. Raise a bug on the app copy.

Thanks for your support. I don’t know why I didn’t just recreate the API call! I followed your instructions and have submitted a bug report on the copy. Thanks.

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